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Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury – The One Scenario That Would Shock Boxing

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury – The One Scenario That Would Shock Boxing

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury – The One Scenario That Would Shock Boxing

Tyson Fury undergoes yet another mammoth task this weekend in his third fight back since his infamous physical and mental breakdown in the aftermath of his Wladimir Klitschko win.

Fury will aim to rip the WBC title off Deontay Wilder, the American heavyweight who’s defended his title on seven occasions and has seen his profile go through the roof in recent months.

That’s largely down to his failed negotiations in the potential undisputed fight against Antony Joshua. And, as the story goes, Fury came in like the knight and shining armour to swoop in and save his nation’s embarrassment, since the current, unified champion didn’t want to fight.

As the deal was agreed in August, many were sceptical about the match-up and if it would take place – yet we’re here.

Almost all the details are out in terms of the stipulations in the agreement, though one major point hasn’t been spoken about by either camp which is whether or not there is a two-way rematch clause.

That would mean regardless of the result, both sides would be eligible to demand a rematch in 2019, ruling out April 13th as a potential date for the winner to face Joshua.

For Fury, that’s a great deal. For Wilder, one wonders what was going through his head to offer such a luxury to a voluntary defence. He may be looking to claim two wins against Fury and thus announce that he’s the ‘a’ side in the Joshua fight – much of that, though, depends on how the fight performs at the box office.

Yet, I don’t think team Wilder are aware of who they’re dealing with. Fury doesn’t care about belts, governing bodies, or unification bouts. He didn’t feel like honouring the rematch option in the Klitschko fight, so he didn’t.

Granted, mental health problems played a major role in that, but Fury has been vocal that feeling like he’d accomplished the greatest goal played a role in his demise – perhaps he wants to protect himself from that.

He’s mentioned it a few times during the promo runs for the fight – indicating that there will be no rematch if he feels mentally drained after the fight, even if he wins.

Here goes the hot take: Fury will beat Deontay Wilder, and then announce that he’s taking another break – leaving the WBC belt vacant and a chance for ‎Mauricio Sulaimán to call for the immediate unification fight between the American and Joshua!