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We’re hiring! New developer position…

We’re hiring! New developer position…

We’re hiring! New developer position…

We’re hiring a new developer for Ruby on rails in London. Abelson Info provides sports data for bookmaking companies by collecting data in house and aggregating information from sources around the world to provide a unified feed/API to our clients. All of our software has been developed in-house and continues to grow. New systems, big and small, come into existence all the time.

The job involves maintaining and extending our existing systems and development of new systems when opportunities arise.

Primarily written in Ruby on Rails and plain Ruby with PostgreSQL. The emphasis is on backend APIs and feeds rather than shiny front ends. As our data team does use our software for data input and other administrative tasks, some knowledge of Javascript (jQuery) would be helpful.

Being a small team means that anything involving the computers, such as commissioning, deployment and monitoring, via Chef, is all part of a day’s work. Knowledge of Bash and basic command line usage would be helpful as would knowledge of Python, but these are not essential.

Testing, primarily via TDD, is essential to being confident that our systems will run unattended. Some testing experience would be useful.

The ideal candidate will have:

Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
1 year plus of commercial experience using Ruby (whether using Rails or not).
RDBMS experience (such as MySQL or PostgreSQL).
Some experience with the Linux and/or Mac OS command line.
Experience using Javascript with a framework such as jQuery.
Experience using a source control system such as Git.
Familiarity with unit testing or functional testing frameworks.

An interest in sport would be highly advantageous. A good understanding of sports betting would also be beneficial.

Salary from £25 to 35k depending on experience.

To apply for this job you must be eligible to work in the UK.