Abelson Info has signed an agreement to provide Low6 with darts data to power two newly developed pool betting apps.

Abelson Info, the London-based sports data and odds specialists, provide operators and app developers with key bet stimulation, scoring and stats services for multiple sports.

The agreement has allowed Low6 to expand its range of games to cover its latest sport addition, complementing its Low 6 Picks football and horse contests.

Low6 offers a pool betting product that captures the millennial sports fan with a highly engaging, easy to play sports betting app. Low6’s B2B network platform offers a turn-key solution for sports teams, leagues, media groups and bookmakers, allowing integration at the operator level and providing shared liquidity for all operators in the Low6 network.

Low6 recently became the official pool betting Partner of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC).

Abelson’s head of sales Reuben Thomas said: “We are delighted to add Low6 to our extensive list of partners. With a dearth of sport due to the pandemic we have seen a surge in demand for our darts products.

“The play at home style darts tournaments have proved hugely popular and our coverage was up four times from the same month last year. It’s one sport that certainly has the capability to transition online and there’s no doubt that the darts audience are hungry for action.”