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Reflections on ICE 2017

Reflections on ICE 2017

Reflections on ICE 2017

The annual ICE conference 2017, Excel Centre, London has become a standing dish for those working in sports betting industry. It is by some distance the best possible opportunity to understand the evolution and innovation within the sector and attracts leading contributors from around the world. For many this means catching up with existing clients and making new connections and it can be a hectic few days as stands are visited, events attended and meetings scheduled. As well as the business development aspects, it is an opportunity to understand global trends and the future development of the sector from both a regulatory and commercial perspective.

Supply Chain Efficiencies

Here are Abelsoninfo we have a couple of observations on the ICE conference as a whole: firstly, whilst the “front end” ie the license operators themselves are undergoing a period of consolidation, the trend is towards outsourcing aspects of the supply chain to create greater efficiencies. This represents a great opportunity for data and product suppliers as a truly viable product offer creates efficiencies by generating accurate pricing, results and settlement and saving precious in house trading resources.

The Abelsoninfo Goalscorer Pricing and Settlement (GPS) offer attracted significant interest from sportsbook operators during the conference. More information on the product can be found here:

Goalscorer Pricing and Settlement

If you require further information on this product please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Global Reach

Secondly, it is clear that the industry operates on a truly global basis. With Governments worldwide accepting the benefits of a well regulated betting economy we will certainly see more international participation in the next twelve months. Whilst we await regulatory clarity on the potentially game changing markets of China and the United States, there is already much progress being made in areas such as Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.