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Player Incident Pricing & Settlement

The complete player pricing solution providing pre-match pricing and settlement data for a variety of markets through a single API feed


- A product created and managed through a partnership with sports analytics company 21st Club, PIPS provides clients with the data required to offer a group of betting markets that are rapidly growing in popularity.

- Clients benefit from our expertise in what is a labour intensive and expensive market to create and manage.

- Abelson & 21st Club use a combination of manual effort (managing squads) and proprietary algorithms (calculating prices) to produce a wide range of new betting markets.

- As stand alone markets, these markets are growing in popularity, driven by a growing desire from consumers for more sporting statistics. This will certainly continue with a maturing US market having an affect on betting products.

- However, the greater benefit is as inputs to bet builder products. The importance of having different market 'groups' in bet builders is high as it leads to an increase in selections per bet, and therefore, higher margin.

- As with our GPS product, we provide our prices in a range of margin formats

All markets are settled using official Opta data, which therefore provides consistency with many media organisations

All markets are based upon the number of times that each player does the following:

- registers an assists

- is caught offside

- takes a shot

- has a shot on target

- completes a tackle

- attempts a pass

- completes a pass

All markets are covered pre-match for the following leagues:

- English Premier League

- English Championship

- Italian Serie A

- German Bundesliga

- Spanish Primera liga

- French Ligue 1

- Portuguese Liga

- Dutch Eredivisie


- Australian A-League

- A wide range of fast-growing market types delivered by a trusted supplier

- Raw prices and parameters can be delivered for use in cash-out and bet builders

- Prices constantly monitored for team news such as suspensions, injuries and positional changes

- Settlement powered by Opta

- Eliminate trading and event management overheads for these markets

- Raw prices and parameters can be delivered for use in cash-out and bet builders

- Easy integration (via JSON)